Zepto virus caution including Dropbox and Google Drive users

Its common knowledge that you should be careful when opening any unusual email attachments, however at this current time be extra cautious! The ‘Zepto’ virus is one of the most potentially destructive viruses I have encountered. The Zepto virus is the newest version of ‘ransomware’ – it works by encrypting all of a user’s documents with Read more about Zepto virus caution including Dropbox and Google Drive users[…]

Email Hacking

Email Hacking is now unfortunately very common. Cases of which i will encounter frequently.  Thankfully, there is more awareness of email hacking and most of your friends will realise that you haven’t all of a sudden started up a Viagra sales business! If they are nice they will even send you an email warning you that Read more about Email Hacking[…]


You should always have antivirus protection on your machine. I have always had great results with both AVG and Avira products both offering great free products and more in depth paid for versions. The paid for version offers extra peace of mind and support for those who need it. Click below for more information on Read more about AntiVirus[…]