Cloud Computing

More and more companies and individuals are using the ‘cloud’ for both backup and day to day operations. With faster and more stable broadband connections along with improved security measures from cloud hosting services cloud computing is becoming the sensible and convenient solution for both small businesses and even home users. Automatic syncing means no more worries about remembering to backup or transferring files using memory sticks and CDs!

There are plenty of good free cloud computing storage services which we are happy to help setup such as Dropbox, Microsoft skydrive and Google drive. Generally these sort of services offer a limited amount of free space and then charge a fee for extra storage space. This can be an ideal way of syncing and backing up files across multiple PCs and platforms with many services offering apps for Ipads, Iphones and on Android devices. Many provide options for businesses to allow ‘team’ deployment by offering shared folders.

For businesses wanting a more complete cloud solution Microsoft 365 and Google Apps for business provide storage, office applications (word processing, Spreadsheets etc.), email and much more. These services work by paying a small monthly fee per user and in our view this can a much more cost efficient way to provide a solution and can completely replace the need for an on site server and expensive on going maintenance.

More and more software designers are offering a fully cloud based option including many CRM and accounting packages. Please contact us for a discussion on how cloud computing could benefit you or your company.

We can provide a 30 day free trial for Microsoft 365 and help with deploying, for more details please click here.