Iain is very responsive and is able to come up with a number of innovative solutions. He is pragmatic and is aware of the importance of IT to a small business such as mine - so makes sure any work does not affect my ability to work. He is a really useful and valuable person to know. I would have no hesitation in recommending him.
Nigel PayneNigel Payne
Just finished sorting the new PC, and have just logged in. Thanks for personalising it and saving bookmarks etc. Straight to BT and to the emails - great! I think it will take a while to get used to, particularly the speed!Thanks again, you always come up with the works. Another excellent job.
Cheryl KingCheryl KingSimply Fit
Iain has always provided great service to both myself and my partner. Always prompt to respond and prompt to assist. Great work and value for money. Great person too, you know you can trust him to do what he needs to do without charging more than he needs to. Highly recommended.
Many thanks for all your help this year, your input is a huge asset to me, you can handle any project I throw at you, however diverse, your speed, efficiency and outright patience is awesome - your are a superstar!!
Caroline ClarkCaroline ClarkClark projects
Iain is very quick to grasp the problem and deals with it in an efficient and practical way. As a non-IT person I have particularly appreciated his ability to work with me using english and not tech-speak! I have found him to be utterly trust worthy and professional at all times and would highly recommend him.
Chris HopwoodChris HopwoodFS Partnership
Iain has been invaluable, and totally reliable, in the growth of our business. We deal with some of the largest Financial Services companies in the UK and their contracts demand that our IT works to the highest service level agreements imaginable and is totally secure. Iain has been both a strategic adviser as well as our maintenance support. He’s calm, professional and he never lets us down.


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