Email Marketing

Email marketing can be great way of keeping your clients up to date with information about your business as well as any promotions they may be interested in.

Not only that but it can also be used by anyone who requires the ability to send out emails to a large number of recipients. This can be relevant for both businesses, clubs and organizations with the need to send out large amounts of emails.

This can often be a problem via normal ISP (Internet Service providers)/hosting solutions, they will often put a limit on the amount of emails that can be sent out per hour to protect against spam abuse. Not only that but certain email programs can limit the amount of recipients allowed per email.

You may have encountered this with an error such as you have “exceeded the max emails per hour” or reports saying emails have been “throttled”  not only that but your email address may become blacklisted or blocked as a precaution with the fear you are spamming from your email account.

To avoid all of this we recommend using a service such as mailjet. Once you have set up an account with mailjet you can create professional looking email campaigns, build a contact list and even monitor how your email campaign has been received. You use their SMTP service so there will be no issues with ISPs or hosting companies blocking your emails for fear of spamming.

We can help get you set up and provide some training to get you started after this we are confident you will find Mailjet easy to use and you will be able to create and send your own email campaigns.

On top of this if you send less than 6000 emails per month the service is completely free!